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by Prosectra Admin - Sunday, 29 November 2020, 4:21 AM
Prosectra and TisaMayo AB through a Joint Venture agreement are currently developing an exciting world-first programme for security experts.

The KRIM programme is an interactive e-Learning programme for managers in organizations tasked with responding to critical incidents involving staff members who are victims of a kidnap for ransom incident. The programme is foremost aimed at managers who are responsible for crisis response in international aid organizations, non-governmental organizations and companies with an international presence in kidnap for ransom prone areas of the world.

The KRIM programme consists of four phases and is delivered in a fixed sequence (Phase I-IV), with Phase I self-paced over a period of two months, Phase II scheduled and delivered over two weeks, Phase III scheduled and delivered over two weeks and Phase IV to be scheduled by the programme director in coordination with individual participants.

Participants can only progress to a next phase after a positive (incremental) phase related assessment.

The KRIM programme contains collaborative learning, both in the exploration of the content in Phase II, as well as during the practice in Phase 3. Collaboration is designed to reflect operational circumstances. Although theoretical models may be used for instructional purposes, those models are adapted in the exercises to practical Kidnap for Ransom incident management.

The KRIM programme has applied the findings of the 2001 Bloom taxonomy revision and has graded all learning activities as such.

  • Phase I will aim to bring the participant to the level of understanding the body of knowledge related to the programme.
  • Phase II aims to bring the participant to the level of application of the concepts that were presented in phase I.
  • Phase III challenges the participants to analyze, combine, evaluate and activate concepts from the previous phases, which includes academic reflection on the participant’s role as a manager of a complex kidnap for ransom incident and the required communicative, collaborative and leadership skills.
  • Phase IV offers the participant the opportunity for coaching and mentoring.

Each phase and module are based on a learning plan, containing objectives, review of relevant earlier studied materials, overview of new materials, delivery and testing plans.

The programme is preceded by an on-line diagnostic self-assessment to assess earlier required competencies among the participants. The self-assessment is used for a level two evaluation at the end of the programme aimed at assessing individual and collective learning curves.

Expected release: 2021

Stay tuned for more information on where and how to access this exciting new course!