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by Prosectra Admin - Sunday, 29 November 2020, 4:11 AM

Prosectra and Saladin Security through a Joint Venture agreement are currently developing a new 12 month accredited course for security managers.

This course is designed and intended for:

  • Security Focal Points (SFPs), who have security responsibilities within their role, but security is not their core area of expertise. The course will provide them with the fundamental skills of security management and a recognized security accreditation.
  • Security Managers (SMs) who wish to refresh their fundamental knowledge of security management principles while adding an accredited course to their portfolio.

Course Duration: 12 months or less, depending on rate of study.

Course Delivery: E-Learning and Core-Reading

Course Assessment: Online and Practical Assessments

Accreditation: The course will be accredited by Highfield International. Gaining accreditation requires all phases of the course to be independently assessed by the accreditors, ensuring that the quality of content, delivery and assessment are to international standards.

Qualification: On successful completion, students will have attained the Qualified Security Manager qualification (QSM™).

Expected release: 2021

Stay tuned for more information on where and how to access this exciting new course!