Prosectra (Professional Security Training) provides specialized security awareness training internationally within the public, private and humanitarian sectors. Prosectra has extensive experience training international organizations operating in the field and urban environments and is currently working with several United Nations agencies and NGO’s.

Prosectra is dedicated to giving customers the very best security programs available by examining their threat environment and personal needs. We provide specific training on the strategies required before, during and after a violent attack – whether it is street robbery, sexual assault, residential break-in, kidnapping or active shooting incident – in order to be better prepared physically and most importantly mentally to survive.

The content experts behind the development of our security training include graduates with a PhD, people with expertise in Emergency Management and Planning, self-defense and personal protection experts, security training specialists, hostage negotiators and counter-terrorism experts. The content is drawn from academic research, interviews with victims, real-life experiences and publications.

Prosectra was established in 2009 and since then we have been delivering security training and services at the highest level. Our honesty, integrity and professionalism along with our broad expertise and technical training is combined to offer you top quality, up to date urban or field environment ready security training, consultancy and operational support.

The world’s security situation is continuously shifting and requires safety solutions that are consistent with these changes.

Prosectras’ highest priority is to continuously observe this ever-changing environment and tactics/techniques from the simplest of thieves to the most sophisticated terror organizations. We develop, engineer, adjust and implement new security awareness training methods constantly.

If you’re looking to invest in keeping your employees’ safe while they travel to and from work, give them skills to successfully deal with aggressive/violent behaviour and to create a more positive working environment we can design and engineer a specific course for you.

Our clients include: (Africa) – UNHCR, UNDSS, ILO, G4S (Europe) – UNHCR, ITU, OSCE, Vesper Group, WFP, WIPO, PeaceNexus, Aga Khan Foundation (Asia) UNHCR, Relief International, GiZ, Kfw Development Bank (North America) UNICEF (Australia & Oceania) Cardno Emerging Markets.

Whatever your needs/goals we can put together a “package” which meets your needs. It can be delivered as a hands-on workshop/practical training session, a lecture room style presentation or as a comprehensive eLearning package (or a combination of all three).

If you are an organization/enterprise that contains staff that require effective security awareness training and a real-world mindset that allows them to realistically handle aggressive and violent situations, then contact us here at Prosectra today!